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Still others explored the idea that the electric light itself might be good medicine. Patients with nervous diseases and depression were advised to replace their clear glass window panes with blue glass, and a Southern dentist swore by the use of an electric blue light for x0201c;the painless extraction of teeth. x0201d; Dr. John Harvey Kellogg pioneered the medical use of plain white electric light in his x0201c;laboratory of hygiene,x0201d; experimenting with the tonic effects of electric light. If the new urban environment disrupted sleep patterns and frayed nerves, producing a generation of Americans who cantina benanti viagrande sicily to sanitariums looking for a cure, then it was fortuitous for Kellogg to discover that the electric light, which had done so much to create these modern maladies, could also be used to cure them. Kellogg thought that electric light was x0201c;nothing more nor less than a form of resuscitated viagra safe recreational use. x0201d; Kellogg delivered light to thousands of patients, using what he called the x0201c;electric light bath. x0201d; The bather sat in a small cabinet, its interior lined with mirrors and studded with 60 incandescent bulbs. In this way patients dipped themselves into a healing x0201c;sea of light. x0201d; Kellogg claimed, x0201c;Shed upon the nude surface of the body the rays will enliven the nerves with renewed force and will dissipate and destroy the enumerable malefic influences which imperil health and life.

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By inserting an additional day or month into the year, the drift can be corrected, a year that is not a leap year is called a common year.

The 1980s : Rubik's Cube; Smurfs; New Age vagueness; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Spending Other People's Money; Dynasty; Pac Man; crystals; Trivial Pursuit; faxes; Filofaxes; roller blades; CDs; VCRs; calling people yuppies; chardonnay; the Walkman; tax avoidance; Crocodile Dundee; economic rationalism; dingo jokes; shoulder pads (on women); credit cards; Bob Hawke as mate; rock videos. The 1990s : Mobile phones; Power Rangers; grunge; dinosaurs; Spice Girls; furbies; the Net; Teletubbies; Pokemon; The Little Book of Calm; privatisation; euthanasia; four wheel drives; native title; Aboriginal art; cappuccinos; republicanism; Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus ; Pauline Hanson; pony tails (on men); Titanic ; Bryce Courtenay books; Paul Keating as irritant; Madonna; Olympic preparations. So you get the idea. Now lets draw up a tentative list for the Noughties so far: DVDs; Iraq; lattes; Grand Theft Auto (video game); John Howard as uncle; text messaging; photo-phones; googling; obesity-hysteria; iPods; Desperate Housewives ; Islam; Foxtel; Harry Potter; bald heads (on men); asylum seekers; Steve Irwin; the search for "Australian values". But that's only a beginning.

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