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1 volts and 125. 9 volts. Chebyshev‚s Theorem Heights of women have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 161 cm and a standard deviation of 7 cm. Using Chebyshev‚s theorem, what do we know about the percentage of women with heights that are within 2 standard deviations of the mean.

Donovan's arrival was largely ignored by the local media but prompted a British media circus, proving that the return of an errant son doesn't necessarily mean he gets the keys to the car. Donovan is cagey about his chances on the program, which places 10 moderately famous Brits in the Queensland bush. Whatever happens, it is safe to say the show will feature someone panicking on cue for the camera when confronting creepy-crawlies and eating witchetty grubs. "I think they will look at me like an expert, being Aussie, but I'll explain I'm as foreign to this as them," Donovan mused in a pre-show publicity interview.

This in turn leads to an increase in the brain chemical serotonin, and to a lesser extent, dopamine, suggesting a mechanism that could underlie the addictive potential of these compounds.]