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Treatment of Neuropathic and Nociceptive Pain. The microemulsions of the present invention may be used to introduce analgesic agents such as to include but not limited to fentanyl, oxycodone, codeine, dihydrocodeine, dihydrocodeinone enol acetate, morphine, desomorphine, apomorphine, diamorphine, dr viagrande, methadone, dextropropoxyphene, pentazocine, dextromoramide, oxymorphone, hydromorphone, dihydromorphine, noscapine, papverine, papveretum, alfentanil, buprenorphine and tramadol and pharmaceutically acceptable salts, derivatives, homologs or analogs thereof as well as opioid agonists. Both neuropathic and nociceptic pain may be treated and agents useful for either neuropathic or nociceptic pain may be introduced pfizer viagra coupon code the microemulsion.

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