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Review Exercises 1. Weights of Steaks A student of the author weighed a simple random sample of Porter- house steaks, and the results (in ounces) are listed below. The steaks are supposed to be 21 oz because they are listed viagra 100 kaina the menu cvetkk weighing 20 ounces, and they lose an ounce when cooked. Use the listed weights to find the (a) mean; (b) median; (c) mode; (d) midrange; (e) range; (f ) standard deviation; (g) variance; (h) Q 1; viagra cvetok i noj box cars Q 3. 17 19 21 carrs 20 18 19 20 20 21 2. Boxplot Using the same weights listed in Exercise 1, construct a boxplot and include the values of the 5-number summary.

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