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As slots are limited, your participation will be approved upon receipt of your questions. '' Quick, give us suggestions on questions to ask Borat, and your theories on why he wants prior approval. Politicians at work: Holding his own.

Is that estimate likely to be an accurate estimate of the number of words in the English language. 51 63 36 43 34 62 73 39 53 79 6. Tests of Child Booster Seats The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration g y y conducted crash tests of child booster seats for cars. Listed below are results from those tests, with the measurements given in hic (standard head injury condition units). According to the safety requirement, the hic measurement should be less than 1000 hic. Do the results suggest that all of the child booster seats meet the specified requirement.

There shouldn't be too much fuss about that - few people alive now are in a position to make comparisons. Ditto with Shaun Micallef as Colin Bednall, the station manager who first encouraged Kennedy's larrikin style. But what is to be made of these other casting decisions: the comedian Stephen Hall as Bert Newton, Steve Bisley as Harry M.]