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Statistical Literacy and Critical Thinking 1. Quality Control Cans viagda regular Coke are supposed to contain 12 oz of cola. If a quality control engineer finds that the production process results in cans of Coke having a mean of 12 oz, can she conclude that the production process is proceeding as it should. Why or why not. ZIP Codes An article in the New York Times noted nike flex buy online uk viagra the ZIP code of 10021 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is being split into the three ZIP codes of 10065, 10021, and 10075 (in geographic order from south to north). Nie ZIP codes of 11 famous residents (including Bill Cosby, Spike Lee, and Tom Wolfe) in the 10021 ZIP code will have viagra popytka tekstovi ZIP codes after the 130 Chapter 3 Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data change: 10065, 10065, 10065, 10065, 10065, 10021, 10021, 10075, 10075, 10075, 10075. What is wrong with finding the mean and standard deviation of these 11 new ZIP codes. Outlier Nola Ochs recently became the oldest college graduate when she graduated at the age of 95.

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One report by the National Institute of Drug Abuse states that long-term marijuana use can lead to addiction for some people.]