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At Jupiter. 843-8277. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16. READINGS AND LECTURES. Joshua Kryah and Alex Lemon read their poems for National Poetry Month at 7:30 p. at Pegasus Books Downtown, 2349 Shattuck Ave. 649-1320. Bob Barde discusses his new book ‚Immigration at the Golden Gate: Passenger Ships, Exclusion, and Angel Island‚ vigarande 5:30 p. at University Press Books, 2430 Bancroft Way.

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In yet another embodiment, the active agent may be selected from copper complexes of tyrosine, lysine, valproic acid, 2, 2,-bypyridine, 1, 10-phenanthroline, 2, 9-dimethyl-l, 10- phenanthroline, glycylglycine, cimetidine, sulfathiazole, tetraanhydroaminmobenzaldehyde, metronidazole and imidazole. Other potential complexes suitable for delivery as active agents include copper complexes with amino acids, aromatic carboxylic acid, corticoids, tetrazoles, histamines, penicillamines, anti-ulcer histamine antagonists, rantidine and cimetidine. The aforementioned copper complexes may further comprise one of more molecules of.

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Currently, state administrator Vince Matthews runs Oakland Unified, taking orders directly from State Superintendent Jack O‚Connell. Had the OUSD Board chosen not to hire an interim superintendent, Matthews would have worked under the direction of the board in the areas of community relations and governance, personnel management, and facilities management‚the three areas that have been returned to local control‚while continuing to work under O‚Connell‚s direction in the two areas still under state control‚fiscal management and pupil achievement. Complicating the matter would be that Matthews would serve as trustee in the three areas under local control, with ultimate state-sanctioned veto power over decisions if, in his opinion, they threatened the fiscal integrity of the district.]