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I am one of the few silent Americans watching this big fiasco in Washington. After reading Dimon8217;s statement, I realize there are American out there who feel like I do.

An independent administrative law judge will preside over the hearings to determine the order of seniority for the teachers who are in danger of losing their jobs. ‚The whole point is to provide teachers with due process as mandated in the state Education Code,‚ said Berkeley Federation of Teachers (BFT) President Cathy Campbell. ‚The district starts by presenting the layoffs and explaining the reasons behind them. BFT‚s lawyer will question any discrepancy between the teacher‚s employment history and the district‚s personnel records. ‚ Campbell said she was hopeful the district would be able to rescind all the potential layoff notices. ‚While it‚s encouraging and very thrilling that the district was able to bring back so many teachers, the fact remains that we are in this position because we have a governor who is willing to sacrifice teachers, students and education to balance our budget,‚ she said.

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