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His campaign had also amassed record new voter registration of Christian evangelicals in key states like Florida (the Bush campaign boosted Republican registration in 2002, while Democratic-linked groups did not begin huge voter reg drives until 2004). Bush‚s Democratic opponent, John Kerry, never had a strong grassroots base. Kerry won the nomination in what in retrospect appears to be a particularly weak field, which had an obscure Vermont governor named Howard Dean as its longtime frontrunner.

The Allies responded by forming a Seventh Coalition, which defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in June, the British exiled him to the remote island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, where he died six years later at the age of 51. Battle of Leipzig ‚ The Battle of Leipzig or Battle of the Nations was fought from 16 to 19 October 1813, at Leipzig, Saxony. Napoleons army also contained Polish and Italian troops, as well as Germans from the Confederation of the Rhine, the battle was the culmination of the 1813 German campaign and involved nearly 600,000 soldiers, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I. Being decisively defeated for the first time in battle, Napoleon was compelled to return to France while the Coalition hurried to keep their momentum, Napoleon was forced to abdicate and was exiled to Elba in May 1814.

I modified it somewhat in April to 9300-9500 on the Dow and mid to third week in June time. frame. Here are the stats. The Dow: Peaked at 9167, closed friday at 8834.]