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Friday Films for Teens at 3:30 pm. at the Berkeley Public Library, 2090 Kittredge St.

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Much of the retail sales tax revenue in Oakland that might go to Mr. Pine‚s increased police force‚or to other city services, if that‚s what we decide we want‚instead go the retail mall developments in Emeryville, San Leandro, Alameda, Hayward, and other surrounding East Bay cities, and across the bridge to San Francisco. The question for Oakland City Council candidates is not how they would spend money we don‚t currently have‚an interesting exercise, but not very probative‚but how they would gather new revenue to make spending for their preferred programs possible. Alternatively, candidates‚beginning with Mr.

February 11 ‚ The two colonies of The Canadas are merged into the United Province of Canada, february 18 ‚ The first ongoing filibuster in the United States Senate begins and lasts until March 11. February 20 ‚ The Governor Fenner, carrying emigrants to the United States, february ‚ El Salvador proclaims itself an independent republic, bringing an end to the Federal Republic of Central America. March 4 ‚ William Henry Harrison is sworn in as President of the United States, March 9 ‚ United States v. The Amistad, The Supreme Court of the United States rules in the case that the Africans who seized control of the ship had taken into slavery illegally. March 12 ‚ SS President under the command of the legendary captain Richard Roberts founders in rough seas with all passengers and he is succeeded by Vice President John Tyler, who becomes President of the United States. April 6 ‚ President John Tyler is sworn in, may ‚ Start of the Sino-Sikh War.

Victoria listings have popped as sales tank, and price reductions are a daily occurrence. The city is still one of the least affordable in Canada, with a household income 36 less than in Calgary and 20 behind that of Toronto. The average house is selling for 7.]