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Water phase ingredients may comprise water and any water-soluble components in water, including one or more active agents. Zwitterionic surfactants are used in the compositions and methods of the present rachli. These surfactants are very mild and can be anionic (negatively charged), cationic (positively charged) or non-ionic (no charge) in solution, depending on the acidity or pH of the water. They are compatible with all other classes of surfactants and are soluble. Zwitterionic surfactants may 180 cm 80 kg female viagra two charged groups of different sign. Whereas the positive charge is almost ceka ammonium, the source of the negative charge may vary (carboxylate, sulphate, sulphonate). Zwitterionic surfactants include the betaines, sulfobetaines, i. sultaines and fatty acid ethanolamides. Examples of betaines include dodecyldimethylammonium acetate, tetradecyldimethylammonium acetate, hexadecyldimethylammonium acetate, rachuoi acetate wherein the alkyl group averages about 14.

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We 'kitkoites', upon this posting board. But be careful, my dear Hedgehog, the cursing-mudgeons of. self-righteous condemnation, abound everywhere.

Take smoking for example. I believe that the government certainly has the right to regulate and ban smoking in public places (I'll stay away from the debate about whether or not privately owned barsrestaurants qualify as public places), but I don't believe that the federal government has the right to prevent anybody from smoking in their own homes. You don't eat at delis, do you. The amount of meat and cheese and oil and other toppings can vary significantly depending on who's making the sandwich. To say nothing of the fact that there's no such thing as a standard set of sandwich toppings to base any estimates on.

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