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Interpreting Probability Based on recent results, the probability of someone in the United States being injured while using sports or recreation equipment is 1gt;500 (based on data from Statistical Abstract of the United States). What does it mean when we say that the probability is 1gt;500.

He observed and praised increased investment health care and education, made possible by MDRI debt cancellation. Right now, Haiti, the most impoverished country in the Western Hemisphere, is suffering from a food shortage. Its citizens are literally starving for justice. The Associated Press reports that many Haitians are eating cookies made of dirt to stay alive. And this year, the Haitian government is scheduled to pay more than 1 million a week to the World Bank and Inter-American Bank to repay money these banks loaned to the Duvalier regime. An amendment included in the Jubilee Act urges the Bush administration to work to immediately cancel or stop the payments of these debts.

Berkeley. edu. READINGS AND LECTURES. Grandmothers Against the War Book Discussion at 6 p.]